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NuVet Plus

Order 5 days in advance so they arrive in time (#23927) -  NuVet Plus

Food and Treats

We recommend a raw diet.  Raw diets also naturally ketogenic. We are happy to guide you.  It isn't hard particularly with premade patties available. Treats can be nitrate free boiled hot dogs, pieces of flank steak, chicken, etc. Pumpkin and yogurt are also yummy to a puppy.

Harness and Leash

“Mine” Pet Platter

Water Bowl

Stuffingless Toys – WestPaw or similar

All Natural USA sourced chews

no rawhide or cowtoes. Try Sancho and Lola’s Closet

Belly Bands

Dr Judy Morgan’s website

Adored Beast Probiotic and Gut Soothe

Raw Diet (or cooked)

ingredients should not include any synthetics, grains, peas/legumes – examples VivaRaw, AllProvide, Albright's Raw Pet Food (excellent puppy blend good for all life stages), Steve's.


36” is good size when full grown - wire is great for home use. For travel, look for crash tested crates such as Impact or RTK/Gunner.

Old Towels or blankets

that are easily washed to use during training

Bed of a smooth material

easily washable

A good quality brush

Chris Christensen or Les Pooches (latter last forever)

Greyhound brand tail comB

Nail grinder or trimmer

iGroom Squalane Care Dropcoat Shampoo and Conditioner

Freeze dried treats

Viva Raw

Viva Raw Puppy & Adult - easy to feed, real food w/o synthetics. Ask us for a coupon for 20% your first order.

akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

Trisong Tibetan Terriers Champion Dogs

Dr. Susan Schultz

Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath, AKC Evaluator - Trick Dog, CGC/AAC, STAR Puppy, FIT 1 & 2 , AKC Temperament, & Obedience Trainer.

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