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 TriSong Tibetan Terriers & Pumik
"Exceeding the Standard" 
Holistically Raised Naturally Reared
Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath
Huntsville (Houston), Texas & Stacyville, Maine (until 5/15/20)

Home of Best in Show, Group Winning, Obedience Titled and Therapy Tibetan Terriers and Pumik
TriSong is an AKC Register Kennel Name
TTCA Register of Merit Breeder
Natural Rearing Breeder





Dr Susan Schultz
Cell - 480.390.3496
Marty cell - 786 586 4330
Visiting hours by appointment only.  We will resume appointments June 1st 2020. 


Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath

AKC Evaluator - Trick Dog, CGC/AAC, STAR Puppy Trainer, Obedience Training

127 CERTIFIED THERAPY DOGS TO DATE with many more in training

AND OUR FIRST TT MEDICAL ALERT DOG (Yeah! Luke and Cinda!) and Service Dog (Congrats to Gypsy's Mom & Dad!) and another up and coming (Yah! Henry and Amy!)
Any breeder can claim they have therapy prospects, but the number of dogs in active service, the breeders active participation in the process (not just a here you go - possible therapy dog!), and the breeder's ability to adequately evaluate behavior are key.  A breeder must first understand the behavior of their lines - live with them, love them, allow puppies to explore and grow.  Unless a breeder has successfully trained a dog, obedience or therapy titled a dog, or actively participates in a therapy or evaluation program they can only tell you who is a sweetheart of a puppy.  In order to know what  puppy is best suited for, the breeder must have participated in the certification or titling process.  We actively participate in therapy programs, train for obedience, play with agility and tracking, rehabilitate and evaluate.  We are an AKC CGC Evaluator.
You will notice a few TT Breeder websites that have attempted to mimic our site and our qualifications - very close to verbatim! Be very careful when you choose a breeder - the commitment and working relationship should be lifelong.  We have worked with several people who have dogs from other breeders experiencing debilitating illness or conditions.  These breeders have websites that appear blingy, devout and trustworthy.  Appearances can be very deceiving. Be diligent!  A puppy is a part of your family and a very big commitment.

We are an AKC Instructor/Evaluator for STAR Puppy Evaluator, CGC, and ACC (new title!) - and now "Trick" dog titles!!!

Our beautiful, happy boy has been forced into early retirement at 18mths of age due to a fluke stomach issue - just before this ad came out.  I am so very proud of all he and I as a team have accomplished in the 2 short months I have been Specialing him.  He is the most beautiful, loving, happiest TT I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, meeting or breeding.  He is my service and ESA dog, my almost constant companion, my best friend...I feel blessed that he is a part of my heart and soul.

UKC and AKC Multiple Best in Show GCH TriSong's Talkin' Bout My Generation



***We use and recommend NuVet Plus and Probiotic Max to support immune system health. We only feed the best grain free foods - Primal, Orijen, and Fromm - in addition to raw veggies, fruits and meats/organs to ensure our puppies have the healthiest start. Click the Banner to learn more or order***
BIS GCH TriSong's Breakin' All the Rules - 18mths old

Trudie is our 1st Home Bred BIS TT from only our 2nd TT litter!   This validated all the hard work and research we put into our breeding program.  We are so proud of her and thankful to Ellen and Matthew Perry for the exquisite handling and care.  We are also very thankful to respected judge Sari Brewster Tietjen for recognizing Trudie as her Best In Show!  Trudie now makes her forever home in WI.

TriSong does not profit from breeding.  No expense is spared to keep the dogs healthy, happy, well groomed, fully vetted and comfortable.  From the foods we feed to the construction of play areas and custom built kennels, to the decked out Sprinter they travel in, and to veterinary care and groomers - everything is top of the line for our "family."   TriSong TTs are regulars at shows, owner handled or handled by David and Jennifer Harper, Greg Strong, or Jorge and Susie Olivera.  We are ACTIVE in the breed, not breeders whose website makes them appear to be active with the exception of breeding.  You will find no false accolades or meaningless information.
Most importantly - to us - is the quality time we spend with our dogs.  They are loved more than anyone can imagine - more than might be considered "normal."  It is difficult to know who takes more delight in coming home - the puppies or the people.  They are truly our world and each and every day centers around them.  
In addition to matching gift program from ExxonMobil Corporation, we are the sole benefactor, President/Director of the Tibetan Terrier Association of America, Inc. and its associated Rescue and Research Grants. We give back to the community where we can, most recently purchasing a SWAT vest for a new community canine officer. Three years ago we started 2 Facebook pages - Montgomery County Lost Dog Alert and Montgomery Country Lost and Found Pets - as a service to the local community.  
A little about us personally...
Dr. Susan Schultz is a Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath and a former Senior Petroleum Geologist with a major International Oil and Gas Company.  She earned dual Bachelors Degrees Summa Cum Laude in Biology and Geology, studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Georgia, attended the Medical University of South Carolina, and later earned her PhD in Geology with a focus on biogeochemistry. She is a Small Animal Wellness Coach and dog trainer.  She has completed coursework in Canine Psychology, Canine Physiology, Canine Behavior, Sociobiology of Canidids, Animal Wellness, and Aromatherapy for Animals.  Additional studies focused on ketogenic nutrition (nutrigenomics), holistic veterinary medicine, Small Animal Clinical Oncology and Canine Nutrition.  Marty was  Director of Logistics with a transportation company for many years. They both left corporate America to homestead.  Both are passionate about their dogs, future generations, and subscribing themselves to the highest level of integrity and breeding ethics grounded in moral commitment.  

Welcome to TriSong Tibetan Terriers & Pumik!  We are glad you found us!

Susan and "Scoop"

Who we are...or who we are not...

TriSong Tibetan Terriers & Pumik is currently training and ACTIVELY showing our wonderful Tibetan Terriers & Pumik in breed, obedience, agility, barn hunt, herding, lure coursing & dock diving as well as training for therapy!  We are not a puppy mill and are as far from a backyard breeder as one can imagine - we are serious about conforming to the breed standard and VERY serious about maintaining our high moral and ethical standards and professional reputation.  We are not about 'fluff," showing you staged photos in our Sunday best, giving you unsubstantiated data, showing occasionally, or producing "show" dogs.  We do not care about ranking, stats, ribbons...we care about our dogs' health, temperament, and conformance to the standard.   We are forthright - especially with our owners - and not afraid to challenge the status quo in an effort to breed happy and healthy dogs. 
We do not consider future breedings unless the dogs have proven themselves in the breed and/or in performance or are from proven and successful therapy lines.  Potential sires and dams have had all available genetic screenings for health problems known in the breed (or are clear by parentage), OFA eyes normal, and are OFA/Pennhip good to excellent.  Care is taken to examine pedigrees in excruciating detail to ensure we breed the best to the best to produce healthy, QUALITY puppies with excellent temperaments.  It isn't enough to produce a flashy, flowing coat - we care what is under it!!   We never breed to the "sire of the moment" nor do we consider males that are altered in appearance for the breed ring - with the specific goal of being on "Number #1."  Almost any dog can be #1 given enough money and a well dressed handler - which is why we steer clear of kennel names which are always in the top 5.  We are take care to go out of our own lines every few years to bring in genetic diversity.  Studs we choose are of European lineage - genetically healthy with excellent temperaments - shown naturally without a handler.  Our primary goal is to improve/maintain the genetic health, nurture wonderful temperaments, maintain conformity to the standard our our foundation while encouraging natural versatility. 

To this end our dogs are reared naturally to ensure a functional immune system.  "The basic principals of natural rearing are both simple and elegant. Yet to the newcomer, the wealth of detailed information can be overwhelming. Probably the hardest part is first "unlearning" what we have taken for granted for most of our lives. Simply stated it means going back in time and treating our animals the way our grandmother on the farm used to treat them.  The tools of modern science have provided solid evidence that many of the "old ways" are far superior in providing the elements needed for a strong immune system and a vital, healthy animal that can bring joy to the human/animal bonding relationship. More and more owners are coming to realize that the misery experienced with their animal relationship can be laid directly on the doorstep of following modern, conventional rearing methods. The growth of interest in "natural" foods and "alternative" medicine is a sure sign that people are slowly rejecting the way we have been taught to do things in the latter half of this century." (Natural Rearing: Putting It All Together)   Do not expect your dogs to be on heartworm/flea/tick preventatives as the latter 2 are strong neurotoxins.  Do not expect your puppy to have been conventionally vaccinated - we do distemper/parvo only if you request them and depending on the age of the dog/puppy.  Do expect a healthy, happy, strong puppy. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

Although all of our Tibetan Terriers & Pumik have had all the necessary breed specific health examinations, we have taken advantage of ALL genetic testing available as necessary at the time (JRD, PLL, NCL, PRA, DM) for other health issues common to the breed.  
If we suspect a genetic issue later on, we will tell you immediately and cover the cost of baseline testing to identify potential issues early.  
We are also actively involved in several other genetic studies in the US and abroad, including opening the door to understanding the occurrence of the smooth (short-coated) and semi-smooth varieties in our breed, as well as supporting canine lymphoma research at U of MN and multiple canine cancer foundations.  In July 2013, we experienced the devastating loss of CH Ivyglenn TriSong Ja'Maica My Day ROM (CH Salishan Rock Me Amadeus x CH Salishan Five Star Ritz) "Brit" to lymphosarcoma.  We barely had time to understand what was happening before he was in so much discomfort that we could no longer bear to see him suffer. Had we been informed that there were multiple occurrences of lymphoma in the pedigree, we would have included that information in our breeding program.  Since there is no going back, we must now support all of our Brit puppy owners and encourage them (and everyone) to pick a day a month to check your dog for suspicious lumps and bumps.  Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring a healthier tomorrow for ALL Tibetan Terriers.  The first step is to be HONEST - honest to ourselves and honest to our puppy buyers.
We have in the past purchased TTs from breeders which we returned either due to poor temperament, dysplastic hips, poor coat, late dentition, or structure not in keeping with what we consider optimal.  We often do "throw the baby out with the bath water."  If issues are seen in successive generations, it stands to reason it will be seen again. We do not continue to breed a female producing what we consider only companion quality puppies in the hope that they will produce a perfect puppy.  Additionally, we do not believe there is any reason to breed a dog with a familial history of poor temperament, debilitating disease or any issue that would result in an owner paying substantial out of pocket veterinary expenses.
Regarding age, breeding, and championships - Because many of you have asked:  We were upset to learn that one of our boys - now CH TriSong n Ivyglenn Zany Kingdom was used at stud at just 1 yr old.  Kooza was owned solely by another breeder at that time.  We had no control or prior knowledge of those breedings.  Although we have had our share of "accidents" due to fence jumping boys, we never would breed a very young dog particularly one with a questionable hip preliminary score.  When he was returned to us due to the hip score et al, we kept him out of a kennel to strengthen his muscles, put him in the ring, showed him to his Championship, and re-xrayed at 2yo.  Kooza OFA'd with good hips.  Now a champion with all clearances, he is the sire of one of our litters.  We do not plan breedings between non-champions, young dogs, or dogs without appropriate clearances.        
We are fully committed to each of our Tibetan Terrier & Pumik (soon!) puppies for their entire life - they are all ultimately our responsibility and we take that responsibility very seriously.  All of our puppies are microchipped prior to leaving our home.  All of our puppies are REALLY raised underfoot as integral members of our family.  We have acres of safely fenced, sodded, play space with agility equipment and dedicated puppy play areas.  Indoors the dogs enjoy over 2200sf of dedicated play and sleeping space that includes 800sf of grooming area.  Whelping and baby rooms are separated in the main home and the environment is monitored.  We have an excellent groomer and wonderful veterinarians who work with us to ensure the best care available.  We invite you to visit our home and share the Tibetan & Pumik experience!  We nurture playfulness, inquisitiveness, kisses, hugs, snuggles - mixed with the perfect amount of independence.  Our lives literally revolved around theirs forever...and we wouldn't have it any other way.  



Once our babies leave, we welcome them back with open arms.   Our local owners bring their puppies/dogs back to us to board while on long vacations.  Instead of charging board, we ask that a donation be made to the Tibetan Terrier Association of America, Inc. for Health/Welfare/Research and Rescue.  In this way, we can provide a little help to an organization solely committed to the Health and Welfare of the Breed.


AKC Certificate of Inspection 2013
"Gold Seal"
AKC Inspection 2015

President and Founder of Tibetan Terrier Association of America, Inc (TTAA - UKC #TX0601)  501c(3) Not for Profit
Member Tibetan Terrier Club of America (TTCA)


Who are we showing in 2017

Tibetan Terriers - Rush, River, Cooper, Rumour, Fallon
Pumik - Alice, Jez, Nemes, Casper
Weimaraner - Brio
Vizsla - Ringo

TriSong Champions


Multiple Best in Show - NS Group Winning GCH TriSong's Talkin' Bout My Generation (AKC & UKC) - 2016 Eukanuba Invitee, #2 TT NOHS Finalist, Award of Excellence Eukanuba 2015, Top 20 TT (Canine Chronicle)

2004 to 2012
BIS GCH TriSong's Breakin' All the Rules, Home Bred BEST IN SHOW WINNING, #9 All Breed 2010, Award of Excellence Eukanuba 2010, MULTIPLE GROUP WINS, 2011 Eukanuba Invitee, #5 All-Breed - our 1st home bred Best in Show girl - a pup from only our second litter, did all this at under 2yrs of age.  She happily retired after her BIS!


CH TriSong Colorin' Outside of the Lines - Scribble – 2011 Non-Sporting Specialty Group placing, Multiple Group placements 2011 Eukanuba Invitee, #13 All Breed

CH TriSong Causin' A Commotion - Beckham

CH TriSong In Thru the Outdoor ROM – Exit

CH TriSong's Poetic Justice - Justice
CH TriSong Reachin' For the Stars - Apollo

CH TriSong's Black in a Flash - Coale
 CH TriSong Just 2 Busy Being Fabulous - Lyriq
CH TriSong's Civil Disobedience  - AOM Euk 2012 - co-owned by D Ramsdell
CH TriSong's Barkley Campbell Dancing In The Wind "Barkley" owned and loved by Stef!!
Champions we finished - bred by others:
CH Arkeden's Lexus of TriSong RN CGC ROM V
CH Ivyglenn TriSong Dari Ferrari, Dari - Group Placing
CH Ivyglenn Goin' Full Throttle "Cruz"

CH Ivyglenn's Hot Commodity - Zoie

CH Ivyglenn Ja-maica Mess - "London"

CH Ivyglenn Luv My Lamborghini - "Grayson"
CH Ivyglenn N Excalibur Frilly White Foo-Foo - "The Foo"

CH Ivyglenn TriSong Ja'Maica My Day ROM CGC

CH Ivyglenn TriSong Rock 'Da House RN, ROM, V
CH Ivyglenn Trystn the Night Away 

2013 - 11 Champions
proving our entire foundation...
 CH Ivyglenn Girls Start Your Engines - "Danika"
CH TriSong's Greased Lighning "Bolt" - Coale x Piper
CH TriSong's Serendipitous Liason "Seren" - Zoie x Exit
GCH TriSong's Are You Ready for This "Alegria"  - Londie x Exit
CH Los Perritos Contents Under Pressure "Loli" - Havanese GCH Pointed  
CH TriSong's Rebel By Choice "Loki"  GCH pointed with a 5pt and 3 pt major (total 10pts) - London x Exit
CH TriSong's Where the Wild Things Are "Tag" - BIS Trudie x Bond
CH TriSong The Legend Continues "Zellie"Lexi x Brit
CH Ivyglenn N TriSong Just Another Manic Monday "Bangle" 
CH TriSong's Always After Me Lucky Charms - "Dublin"
CH Ivyglenn Tryst'n The Night Away - "Tryst'n" (Lowchen)

2014 - Champions
GCH TriSong's Rebel By Choice - Lokie
CH TriSong There is No Substitute - Porsche
CH TriSong Walkin' on Sunshine - Jolli
CH TriSong N Ivyglenn Zany Kingdom - Kooza

2015 - Champions 
GCH TriSong's Alway After Me Lucky Charms
BISOH GCH TriSong's Talkin About My Generation - Daltry

2016 - Champions  
 CH Karamain Viking Kven - Kven
CH TriSong's Marchin' To the Beat of a Different Drummer - Piccolo
CH TriSong's Paradise Lost - Epic
CH TriSong n Kiskadee's Lucciola - owned by Sally Birgl
BIS - OH GCH TriSong's Talkin' Bout my Generation - Daltry - #2 TT NOHS, Top 20 TT
Multiple UKC Best in Shows the weekend before we lost him at 21 mths old.
Of Merit - Daltry won 5 Best in Shows - owner handled within a 5 week period - April & May.
He lost a very short battle with histiocytic sarcoma on June 8th.

2017 - Champions/Show Wins 

TriSong's Livin' In the Limelight ("Rush") - BB - OH G4 - San Jacinto - 2/25 Currently #4 TT NOHS
CH Karizma n TriSong Naughty By Nature - Jezebel - NEW CHAMPION!! Currently ranked #9 in Breed Points!!
CH Italianstyle Casper (Pumi) - NEW CHAMPION, Currently ranked #6 Breed Points!!  Barn Hunt Title - RATI
Little Cooper - TriSong's No More Mr Nice Guy - after winning 2 Best Puppy in Shows earlier this year - he entered the 
big dogs ring and won his first major in Houston!
TriSong's Living in the Limelight (Rush) - BB - OH G2 - Baytown, TX - March 3
CH TriSong's Rebel Rebel - New Champion - congrats to Bentley's owners - Walter and Loraine!
CH TriSong's Sweet Virginia - Bailey - New Champion - congrats to owner Dolores Robison!! **Select Bitch at the 
Bear Regional Speciality!!
and another new champion for Dolores - CH Houston!!!

CH Ivyglenn TriSong Ja'Maica My Day
Bred by Ivyglenn Tibetan Terriers 

On July 6th 2013, the world lost a very beautiful soul to lymphosarcoma.  Our boy, Brit (CH Ivyglenn TriSong Ja'Maica My Day CGC ROM), had just turned 8 years old.  He was the picture of health from the day I brought him home from Ivyglenn Tibetan Terriers in Indiana until a few weeks before he needed to say goodbye.  He was my heart boy, that one in a million, the one who knew what I was thinking before I knew.  He was my "B." 


Brit was diagnosed 5 short days before one of the most difficult days of our lives.  Denial was our first emotion - surely he can't have lymphoma.  As we saw the light of his beautiful eyes being replaced by fear and discomfort, we knew we had a decision to make.  Chemotherapy is not a cure, but it may prolong their lives.  But how do they feel while going through that and did he want that?  So many questions that no one could ever possibly answer.  The day I dreaded came much to fast.  He woke and seemed to know just as I did, that it was time.  I held him for most of the day – walked him around the yard he loved to play in  - sat on the bench and watch the squirrels with him - such a beautiful boy.  I can still remember the smell of his hair, his liquid brown eyes warm with fever, the heat of his body against mine as we drove to the vet - and the last breath he took.  I promised him that his loss would not go without notice. 


We challenge all Tibetan Terrier breeders to be more open about health issues, to discuss openly without fear of reprisal, to learn - educate themselves about the heritability of lymphosarcoma in our breed, to care more about the health of the breed than a title.  This is a time to work together to get closer to a cure.  Brit may well have been my dog - been as unforgettably beautiful as he was - for a reason...He knew I would be his voice.  Please donate whatever you can to help find a cure for lymphosarcoma so others do not have to experience such a devastating loss of such a beautiful and cherished friend.  All donations go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation..

Brit thanks you…

We have recently learned that our former handler, Lynn Meyer of Dzine TTs, is being investigated for forging my veterinarian's signature on fraudulent health certificates that she produced.  She and her husband then presented these fraudulent documents to United Airlines as valid shipping documents for multiple dogs.  We are appalled by Ms Meyer's lack of integrity and professionalism and have thus severed all ties with her and her Kennel.  Furthermore, it is our opinion that Ms Meyer’s actions demonstrates a total disregard for the health and safety of her client dogs.  TriSong Tibetans requires anyone who works with our dogs to be honest, professional, responsible, and trustworthy.  Images of forgeries available upon request.
We are one of the founding members of the Tibetan Terrier Association of America, Inc. (UKC #TX0601), a small, not-for-profit, functional organization (501c(3) filed) whose purpose is to optimize the Health and Welfare of the Tibetan Terrier through research and rescue, to promote GOOD sportsmanship through Club activities and events, to provide a forum for Tibetan Terrier enthusiasts to share ideas, ask questions, and work together with the singular goal of betterment of the Breed.  You can learn more by visiting the TTAA’s website.

Our home in Huntsville, TX

Our livestock farm in Stacyville, Maine

Contact us at:

480 390 3496

My other passion...Juliet..our Friesian mare trained in dressage.  Juliet
has been bred to Meinse 439....fingers are crossed for a foal July 2019!