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We breed Tibetan Terriers for temperament, health, structure, and natural versatility. No expense is spared to keep the dogs happy and healthy.

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Who We Are,
and who we are not

TriSong does not profit from breeding. No expense is spared to keep the dogs healthy, happy, well groomed, fully vetted and comfortable. From the foods we feed to the construction of play areas and custom built kennels, to the decked out Sprinter they travel in, and to veterinary care and groomers - everything is top of the line for our "family." TriSong TTs are regulars at shows, owner handled or handled by David and Jennifer Harper, Greg Strong, or Jorge and Susie Olivera. We are ACTIVE in the breed, not breeders whose website makes them appear to be active with the exception of breeding. You will find no false accolades or meaningless information.

Most importantly - to us - is the quality time we spend with our dogs. They are loved more than anyone can imagine - more than might be considered "normal." It is difficult to know who takes more delight in coming home - the puppies or the people. They are truly our world and each and every day centers around them.

In addition to matching gift program from ExxonMobil Corporation, we are the sole benefactor, President/Director of the Tibetan Terrier Association of America, Inc. and its associated Rescue and Research Grants. We give back to the community where we can, most recently purchasing a SWAT vest for a new community canine officer. Three years ago we started 2 Facebook pages - Montgomery County Lost Dog Alert and Montgomery Country Lost and Found Pets - as a service to the local community.

A little about us personally...

Dr. Susan Schultz is a Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath and a former Senior Petroleum Geologist with a major International Oil and Gas Company. She earned dual Bachelors Degrees Summa Cum Laude in Biology and Geology, studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Georgia, attended the Medical University of South Carolina, and later earned her PhD in Geology with a focus on biogeochemistry.

She is a Small Animal Wellness Coach and dog trainer. She has completed coursework in Canine Psychology, Canine Physiology, Canine Behavior, Sociobiology of Canidids, Animal Wellness, and Aromatherapy for Animals. Additional studies focused on ketogenic nutrition (nutrigenomics), holistic veterinary medicine, Small Animal Clinical Oncology and Canine Nutrition.

Marty was Director of Logistics with a transportation company for many years. They both left corporate America to homestead. Both are passionate about their dogs, future generations, and subscribing themselves to the highest level of integrity and breeding ethics grounded in moral commitment.

Frequent Questions

I live out of state/country; what transport options do you have?

We provide domestic and international flight nanny service and ground transport.

What guarantees do you provide?

We provide a health upon receipt guarantee.  We ask that you get your puppy into a veterinarian/naturopathic practitioner within 72 hours of purchase. If the puppy is deemed unhealthy for placement, we refund your purchase price. We also have a 5-year genetic health guarantee, covering genetic illness caused by mutations testable at the time of sale. Both of these guarantees are in the contract.

Do you require spay/neuter?

No, we do not.  We cannot tout optimal health and wellness of our dogs and then ask you to take their estrogen or testosterone. These hormones do much more than assist in reproduction.  The option to spay/neuter is a personal, and occasionally a legal, decision. We suggest you have a look a Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog: The Secret Life of Sex Hormone found on puppyculture.com. If you decide to spay or neuter, please consider hormone sparing procedures as opposed to radical procedures.  Please understand that spaying or neutering will NOT change the behaviors of your dog. If your dog is a marker, he/she is a marker regardless of whether the hormones are removed.

What is the adoption process like?

We work together on finding a suitable puppy/dog based on your lifestyle, family dynamics, as well as your personal preferences for personality, age, gender, and energy level. Once a puppy is identified, we ask for a non-refundable deposit to begin the transfer process.  We strongly encourage a visit if possible. When the puppy is between 9-12 weeks (or after), he/she will be ready to go home.  We assist with transport option, can meet at George Bush International Airport in Houston on weekends, or you can pick-up at our home.

Do you provide insurance coverage?

Yes, we provide 30 days of Trupanion medical coverage.

What is natural rearing?

Naturally-reared puppies are those that are fed a raw (even lightly cooked) fresh food diet, no to minimal vaccines, no pesticidal insect control whether ingested or topical, with a focus on wellness instead of a pill for every ailment. Sunshine, fresh water, fresh food, exercise, love, reduced stress...these are things humans and dogs require to lead a healthy lifestyle. Imagine eating cereal every day of your life...while you could survive, you would not thrive. Processed foods full of supplements, beans instead of meat, and low-quality fillers cause GI issues, bad breath, poor dental health, etc. A proper diet is absolutely necessary for a healthy body regardless of species. We learned from COVID that vaccines don't always do what they tell us they do and can often be harmful...same has always been true for our dogs. We have seen everything from temporary paralysis to death from vaccine reactions over the years. Some vaccines do have their benefits but most only reduce potential symptoms while exposing the animal to adjuvants including heavy metals. Flea and tick and mosquito control are pesticides. We don't put these chemicals in our body, in the bodies of our children, to ward off pests. We and our dogs are exposed to the very same critters, yet we find convenience in giving them a pesticide once a month instead of using a repellent as necessary. Raw fed dogs don't attract pests...body composition isn't as inviting.

With the cancer rate in dogs 50-65% in the last two decades, it isn't hard to put two and two together. There is a time when we need veterinarians...true ERs, xrays, surgery...but if we practice simple wellness principles we won't need to take a healthy dog to the vet where unnecessary meds are so readily prescribed. Dogs are a resilient species.  They have been here for thousands of years without the benefit of chemicals, living long and healthy lives. We find no reason to alter a model that has worked for them just for the sake of convenience.

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2023-2024 Upcoming litters

None Right Now, Check Back Soon! 🐶

Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath

Susan Trisong Tibetan Terrier Award
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Certified Therapy Tibetan Terriers

One of our main goals is to breed temperaments best suited for therapy, whether that be personal or not-for-profit.

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TriSong does not profit from breeding

No expense is spared to keep the dogs healthy, happy, well groomed, fully vetted and comfortable.

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Raised naturally to ensure a optimally functioning immune system

We advise on nutrition, exercise, vaccination requirements and natural products which allow your companion to thrive.

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akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

Trisong Tibetan Terriers Champion Dogs

Dr. Susan Schultz

Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath, AKC Evaluator - Trick Dog, CGC/AAC, STAR Puppy, FIT 1 & 2 , AKC Temperament, & Obedience Trainer.

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