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In order to finalize the application process we will need your physical address, phone number and veterinary reference. If you were referred, please let us know who to thank.

We look forward to working with you!

What we are looking for from owners:

  • Committed to the health of the puppy/dog
  • Committed to limited vaccines
  • Committed to natural, chemical/toxin-free care
  • Utilize the information we provide to aide in their own research  
  • Feeding species appropriate diet - raw
  • Committed to providing sunshine, exercise, love, play, etc to their puppy/dog
  • Open exchange with us if questions or concerns arise

We will not place a puppy with you if you are set on 100% allopathic veterinary care. Our written guarantees will become null and void if any of the above ideals are not met.

It is very important to understand that if a puppy or dog does not work out for any reason, I must be returned to us immediately with all paperwork, transferred microchip and signed AKC paperwork. This is a standard procedure for responsible breeders. Once the dog is returned in the condition in which it left our home, we will begin the rehoming process when the puppy/dog is stable and once again feels safe. That time period varies for each dog.

  • If at any time circumstances are such that Buyer cannot keep the Puppy, Seller maintains “Right of First Refusal” to take possession of the Puppy and properly signed registration papers, with no monies refunded. However, any monies recovered from the re-sale of the Puppy MAY be given to Buyer at Seller’s discretion. The term “Right of First Refusal” means: if the Buyer chooses to relinquish ownership of the Puppy, the Puppy shall automatically return to Seller or Seller’s designee. Under NO circumstances shall the Puppy be taken to a third party, animal shelter, humane society, research lab facility, animal broker, pet store, etc.

Additional information on the process:

We will work with you to choose a companion who is best suited to your family.  We ask they you try to visit us to see where your puppy/dog is raised, meet us (and visa versa), and most importantly meet the puppy/dog. We are fairly convenient to Bush International Airport in Houston. If you are unable to visit, we will send you as many photos as you need, video, and are happy to do a live chat. We use technology to bring the puppy/dog to you.

Once a puppy has been identified, we will forward his/her pedigree and the health certifications of the sire and dam. We take him/her in to the vet for a final health check before placing. We are also happy to spay or neuter (at your cost, but our care during recovery) if he/she is over 9mths of age. Additionally, if a flight certificate is required, we will have the vet take care of that at the final health exam.

Deposits are non-refundable unless we do not have a puppy of the gender you are seeking. Normally a deposit of 25% is not taken until you have identified a puppy and commit to it. Payment in full is required before any puppy will be released. Deposits can be made by cashier's check or personal check. The remainder due will be payable 1 week prior to the puppy leaving. Shipping is additional. Please budget $312 for the flight, $65 for the crate (or send us one) and $20 for the veterinary flight certificate. We are happy to bring the puppy to you for expenses if you cannot make it to our home.

If flying, we use only PetSafe (United) direct to a final destination. Normally we fly into the largest city close to you, but in some cases (Northern NY State) that is not possible. We will work with you to schedule the best flight. We will not ship a puppy before it is emotionally ready. By that I mean, ready to be in a kennel away from mom/dad/siblings/home for up to 6 hrs without becoming upset or frantic.  The last thing we want is the puppy to get to its destination and be afraid. In an effort to reduce stress, we also ship only during nap-time.

We are happy to hold a puppy/dog until a specific date. If we are to hold the puppy/dog more than 2 weeks, a board fee of $10/day (raw feedings, supplements, individual play and one on one time), actual veterinary and grooming expenses will be charged. Puppies under the age of 4 months will not normally have grooming expenses, but if we are asked to hold an older dog in coat, please anticipate a fee of $35 every other week to keep the coat in good condition.

akc breeder of merit

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natural Breeding

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akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

Trisong Tibetan Terriers Champion Dogs

Dr. Susan Schultz

Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath, AKC Evaluator - Trick Dog, CGC/AAC, STAR Puppy, FIT 1 & 2 , AKC Temperament, & Obedience Trainer.

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