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Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath

Susan Trisong Tibetan Terrier Award
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Certified Therapy Tibetan Terriers

One of our main goals is to breed temperaments best suited for therapy, whether that be personal or not-for-profit.

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TriSong does not profit from breeding

No expense is spared to keep the dogs healthy, happy, well groomed, fully vetted and comfortable.

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Raised naturally to ensure a optimally functioning immune system

We advise on nutrition, exercise, vaccination requirements and natural products which allow your companion to thrive.

Meet our dogs

It all began with a desire that subsequently became a commitment to our dogs and to their owners. That commitment in turn is our passion. We are passionate about genetic health, temperament, wellness, and longevity of the dogs we are privileged enough to rear and have shared our home with.

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Planned Breedings

Tibetan terriers

2023-2024 Upcoming litters

Pammy x Epic

Planned Winter 2023/2024

Sky x Flash

Planned Fall 2023

Sabrina x Epic

Planned Summer 2024

Glam x Trip

Planned Winter 2023


2023-2024 Upcoming litters

Reka x Casper

Due August 2023

akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

akc breeder of merit

Board Certified

natural Breeding

home of Best in show

Trisong Tibetan Terriers Champion Dogs

Dr. Susan Schultz

Board Certified Small Animal Naturopath, AKC Evaluator - Trick Dog, CGC/AAC, STAR Puppy, FIT 1 & 2 , AKC Temperament, & Obedience Trainer.

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Visiting hours by appointment only.

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